Staffing Changes

There's much afoot here at the Activate office, including an exciting change in staff. As we bid a fond  farewell to producer Anna Golding, we welcome on board Michaela Shaw who will take over from Anna, this month, as Part Time Producer, specializing in Youth Dance and Diversity. Please join us in expressing our warmest welcome to Michaela, whilst wishing Anna the very best in all her future adventures.

2016 has also seen a slight shift with our Producers, their job titles now better reflect their specialsims and the key priority areas for the organisation. Take a look below to find out more about the Activate Producers.

Jen Walke-Myles (cropped) 2016.JPG Jen Walke-Myles - Full Time Producer (Inside Out Dorset and Outdoor Arts) >Enjoys a ginger nut and can channel Dolly Parton upon request

 Wendy Petitdemange (cropped) 2016.JPGWendy Petitdemange - Full Time Producer (Theatre, Promotion, Education) >Non-stop whirlwind of a woman, often found with a cup of 'builders tea'

Rosalind Conlon (cropped) 2016.JPG Rosalind Conlon - Part Time Producer (Dance, Dance and Health) >Triathalon doing, gold trainer wearing superwoman

Ki S.jpg

Michaela Shaw - Part Time Producer (Youth Dance and Diversity) > The new kid on the block, our very own pocket rocket.

Written by SammyG
Published on 23rd February 2016