Sea Music - Outdoor Dance Performance

Using Sea Music as inspiration Rosalind Conlon, Activate's Dance Producer commissioned professional choreographer Sophie Nüzel to work with a group of volunteer participants of all ages (age12-70 years) and together they devised a piece created by listening to the sounds of the sea and the stories it has to tell.

Together they translated those stories into movement and created a piece designed to be performed upon Anthony Caro's monumental Sea Music sculpture in Poole Harbour.

Enjoy these beautiful photographs courtesy of Matt Austin:

99SeaDancePool171008Matt Austin.jpg34SeaDance171020Matt Austin.jpg87SeaDancePool171008Matt Austin.jpg97SeaDancePool171008Matt Austin_0.jpg146SeaDance171020Matt Austin.jpg154SeaDance171020Matt Austin.jpg213SeaDancePool171008Matt Austin.jpg

This is one element of the ongoing Sea Music Project. The official exhibition focusses on the sculpture and its significance and it opened at Poole Museum on 21st October 2017.

This performance opportunity was created with people aged 12 - 70 years with and without dance experience. The main requirement was a willingness to work as a group, be open to ideas and happy to perform. There was no charge to be part of the group or to enjoy the performance as an audience member.

Dancers hosted an open rehearsal (in costume) upon the Sea Music sculpture at 5.45pm, Friday 20th October, this turned out to be the only performance as Storm Brian's 80mph winds prevented the performance prior to the exhibition opening from taking place.



Written by Irene
Published on 1st November 2017