Music video released to give a voice to local people who are disabled

‘I Can’t Get to You’ is a compelling new music video that creates awareness about the barriers people who are disabled face.

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Produced by Activate Performing Arts and People First Dorset in partnership with Weymouth College, this music video with supporting documentary launched as part of World Value’s Day (Thursday 18th October 2018). 

The original track has been inspired by the stories of local people who are disabled and the music video features members of Activate’s performance company The Remix and People First Dorset’s Speaking Up group with vocals by Weymouth College student, Georgia Dunford.

In early 2018, the participants of People First Dorset’s Speaking Up group expressed an interest in creating a music video to raise awareness about the barriers they are confronted with on a day to day basis.  People First Dorset member Hannah said “In a lot of music videos, it tells a story and in this particular one it will tell the story of our struggles in everyday life.”

In April 2018 a partnership was created between People First Dorset and Activate’s integrated youth performance company, The Remix. Members took part in facilitated workshops to discuss issues such as bullying, communication, relationships and the general feeling of isolation and not being heard.

Activate’s Producer Michaela Shaw says, ‘We worked with local artists, Biglittlemusic Producer, Andy Cleeton and Pageant Production’s Film Producer Gary Jarman in creating the documentary and music video. The artists worked closely with the participants to discuss the issues raised, gauge their thoughts and feelings behind the problems and suggest how a little change in attitude and positive community support can make a big difference.’

Remixer Ryan comments ‘Not all disabilities are visual or at least seen at first glance. Therefore this music video will help people understand and hopefully make allowances.’


The track can be downloaded at and a Local Giving page is available for those who wish to donate to the organisations involved at to support future charitable projects.

If you would like to help raise awareness and support this project, the video and documentary can be shared online via

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Written by Irene
Published on 18th October 2018