Important - Dorset Moon Bournemouth, venue change

Dorset Moon, the summer season spectacle starring installation artist Luke Jerram’s renowned Museum of the Moon, which opens in Bournemouth on Friday 26 June has been forced to head inside to St. Peter’s Church.

It had been planned to touch-down in Central Gardens, using the protected poplar trees to tether the giant 7m sphere. However, by using the poplar trees to hang the Moon, the installation team were bound by strict wind speed limitations.

The forecast indicates a very breezy weekend, despite the hot temperatures so this decision has been made in order to preserve the trees in Central Gardens, for public safety and to ensure everyone can still see the Moon over the whole weekend.

The decision was made to move the monumental, seven-metre diameter moon sculpture, indoors to St. Peter’s Church, Hinton Road, Bournemouth BH1 2EE rather than lose the amazing opportunity to see an iconic work of art and the planned supporting programme. Some minor changes have been made to the programme which is online at

To celebrate fifty years since the first moon landing Dorset Moon is happening in three locations across Dorset chosen to encapsulate the county’s distinctive blend of coastal, rural and urban.

“This is a wonderful event and Dorset Moon is proud to be playing a part in marking one of the landmark moments in the development of mankind, but public safety has to be of paramount importance,” says Dorset Moon producer Dom Kippin “Moving the spectacle indoors means the show can still go on with the audience and the artwork and audiences safe”

After Bournemouth it is heading to Sherborne Abbey (5-7 July) and the Nothe Fort at Weymouth (12-14 July

Dorset Moon will also host Under the Moon, a series of performances and installations many of which are new commissions for Dorset Moon.

All Dorset Moon events are free. Full details at



Written by Irene
Published on 21st June 2019