Grants For The Arts information session with Adam Gent

Activate facilitated an excellent talk, given by Adam Gent (Relationship Manager at ACE) at Weymouth College on Wednesday 11th January, all about things you should be aware of when applying for Grants For The Arts (G4A) funding from Arts Council England.

32 individuals including students from Weymouth College attended the talk and several 1 to 1 surgery sessions with Adam were held afterwards for those who had booked in advance through Activate's Theatre Producer, Wendy Petitdemange.

There were key points regarding possible applications submitted to ACE that we felt were worth sharing with a wider audience: 

  • Arts Council England cannot stress enough, how important it is to clearly read their guidelines. So many applicants fall at the first hurdle because they have pressed on and written an application that will have no chance of being funded because it does not follow the stated guidelines. Here are the guidelines there is a lot of them but it will save time in the longrun to work your way through them.
  • Does the project you wish to apply for consider people who are not regular arts attenders such as BAME or rurally isolated, just to pick two from a very long list? Arts Council are committed to attracting those who are not regular arts attenders.
  • How many people will your project reach? If you divide that number by the total sum you are asking for, that is the price per individual. Does your project deliver maximum value for that investment from ACE? A deep and meaningful engagement with a limited number of people whose lives could potentially change as a result of your project is just as valid but be very clear about how you will define and measure your outcomes.

Contact Wendy Petitdemange if you are interested in future events like this.

Written by Irene
Published on 12th January 2017