Grace & Growl Dance Company

Grace & Growl, contemporary dance company for older adults


Anna Golding, acclaimed dance practitioner and former team member at Activate (and she was Artistic Director of our integrated performance company, The Remix too) has developed a new contemporary dance company, based in Bridport; Grace & Growl made up of older adults, many with no formal dance experience, simply a love of dance and the desire to perform.

The company is open to men and women who would like to develop dance skills, make new work together and perform in public spaces. The company reflects the diversity that make up the Dorset population and Activate have supported its development.

Grace & Growl will be performing at Up In The Air, part of Inside Out 24 September, Harbourside Park, Poole.

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for more information, or to ask to join this incredible and diverse company, please email:

Or call Anna on, 07958 045 672

The creation of this company has been supported by Activate 

Written by Irene
Published on 28th July 2016