Free streaming of National Theatre productions for schools

National Theatre. On Demand. In schools.

From September teachers can stream National Theatre productions direct to classrooms for free.

From September 2015, classrooms across the UK will be able to experience the National Theatre’s smash-hit productions of

HamletOthello and Frankenstein.

Each play is curriculum-linked and will be supported by comprehensive learning resources produced by teachers and leading artists.

Here's some FAQs about the service:

What is the National Theatre’s on-demand service for schools?

The National Theatre is making a series of their live cinema broadcasts available exclusively to watch in UK schools for a minimum period of three years.

What happens if I sign up?

You will be contacted before the September launch to complete a login, enabling you to have full access to the service.

Why will I need to create a login?

This service is being provided free of charge to teachers in UK schools only, which is why an authenticated login is required.

Can I create a login for my students?

No, this is a service for UK teachers only. You will be able to stream the productions to your students.

How many times can I show the plays?

There is no limit on the number of times you can view the production.

Can a school stream the service to anyone other than students?

No. This is a service for teachers to support their students' study of English and Drama. A school must not arrange for public screenings of any productions.

What resources will be available to support me?

Comprehensive learning resources designed to support relevant exam syllabuses will be available in September with the stream.

Will it be restricted to the three launch plays?

The National Theatre hopes to be able to add more productions in the future, and will announce these titles when they become available.

The service seems to be focused on secondary schools. What are the plans for primary schools?

The service is being initially offered to secondary schools, but there are plans to add titles suitable for primary schools in the future.

When can I start using the service?

The service is launching in September, with the new academic year.

Do I need any specialist equipment to stream the plays?

You will need a good Broadband connection and a computer connected to the internet. The stream will be playable on multiple devices.

How long will the service be available?

The website and three launch titles will be available for a minimum of three years from September 2015.

Can I stream the plays at home?

No. This is a streaming service for use exclusively in UK schools for the purpose of education.

Will I be able to focus on individual scenes and acts within each play?

Yes. Each recording will be chaptered allowing you to jump to the section you need for the lesson.

Why is the National Theatre providing this service?

It is part of the National Theatre’s mission, as a publically funded institution, to increase access to the arts, extend reach and provide young people with opportunities to engage with the best of British theatre.

How much will the service cost my school?

Nothing. The service is being provided free of charge to teachers in UK schools. This has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Stavros Niarchos Foundation and Sidney E. Frank Foundation.

Why are you offering two versions of Frankenstein?

The National Theatre is offering teachers both productions so that they can select which one they wish to show students, or compare different interpretations of the roles of Frankenstein and the Creature.

Will I be able to watch the plays at any time?

This is an “on-demand” service. We are using the NTLive productions and making them available at any time.

Is this service available outside the UK?

The streams will not be available to schools outside the UK.

To register your interest and if your question hasn’t been answered here, please email your query to

Written by Irene
Published on 7th April 2015
Author website: National Theatre