Fl-utter-ances, an Inside Out Dorset Festival, Associate Programme event

FlutterancesListening Walks

An Associate Programme project, part of the 2016 Inside Out Dorset Festival


As part of the Associate Programme for this year's Inside Out Dorset Festival, we are delighted to be working with participants from the SWOP project at Cherry Tree Nursery in Bournemouth.

They will be working on a creative project with sound artist Jane Pitt resulting in soundscape maps of Hengistbury Head.

Cherry Tree participants will be joining Jane at Hengistbury Head for a ‘sonic stroll’ - a quiet and thoughtful, guided listening walk.

Together they will walk through the beautiful landscape of the Hengistbury nature reserve and listen out for the different and distinctive animal, bird and natural sounds that are abundant at Hengistbury and ‘map’ these sounds.

The resulting sonic maps will then be displayed at an exhibition at the Visitor Centre at Hengisbury Head in October.


Wendy Petitdemange, Associate Programme Producer who produced the project said ''We have already got started on the project and met on August 2nd for a walk around the Stour River area. I was able to meet the group and we walked and started to think about sounds we could hear. It was a wonderful experience and I'm so excited about how the project will develop"

Commissioned by Sheppey Promenade Festival, there are also Fl-utter-ances audio tracks available on Soundcloud  - so have a listen!




Written by Irene
Published on 3rd August 2016