Callout - Be an extra in Grace & Growl's film - Bridport

A callout from Anna Golding.

''So, Grace and Growl (my dance company of older dancers) is currently making a piece of dance for camera. We’ve been shooting in Palmer’s Brewery, the Co Op, on the streets of Bridport…and on the 28th March, we will be shooting our final scene outside the Red Brick Cafe on St Michael’s.

What we need is a group of extras who, in the narrative, are sitting outside the cafe, interrupted and initially a little disgruntled by the dancers who have picked up a lively pace and are by now feeling the groove as they dance past. The cafe crowd will eventually be bitten by the groove bug and will be seen to be joining in with the dancers in the distance as we follow one dancer leaving the street party behind and go on her way.

Could you be one of our cafe crowd extras?

We’ll need you from 2-3pm on Tuesday 28th March - if you can do any later than this, even better.

If you bring a packed lunch, we can maybe put it on the RB plates to make it look for real (it’s shut on a Tuesday).

Any questions, give me a shout.

Thanks folks!''

Anna (07958045672)

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Written by Irene
Published on 23rd March 2017