Arts & Diversity survey launched

Do you work in the arts, culture or creative industries?

Take The Guardian's survey on diversity in the sector

Is it hard to get a job in the arts if you’re working class, minority ethnic, or a woman?

Do you need prior connections to get ahead?

And what do you think needs to change?

This is your chance to contribute to major research into diversity in the creative industries – make your voice heard.

Do you work in the arts, culture or creative industries in the UK, in any capacity? If so, this is your chance to contribute to a major survey into diversity, the results of which will give a better understanding of the creatives at work in this country – and whether more needs to be done to include marginal voices.

 Major survey on UK arts diversity launched


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The Guardian are hoping to build up a picture of what working life looks like: what jobs people do, how much they get paid and what the main issues affecting cultural work are, including a chance for you to voice your opinions in detail.

The information provided by you in this questionnaire will only be accessible by the research team, who are academics from the University of Sheffield, Goldsmiths, and the LSE. It will not be used in a manner which would allow identification of your individual responses, and it will be stored securely by Goldsmiths

The Guardian will be publishing the findings as part of Panic! in November 2015, a Createproject which will involve 10 days of events in partnership with Goldsmiths, the Barbican and British Art Show 8. If you’d like more information about the project or contact

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Written by Irene
Published on 21st September 2015