Arts Development Company's Mike Hoskin writes for Arts Professional

A great piece in this week's Arts Professional, written by Mike Hoskin, the Manager of Arts Development Co. on his experiences of breaking away from Dorset County Council as their outsourced arts delivery operation:

Still going it alone

Two years after The Arts Development Company was formed to replace Dorset County Council’s arts service, Mike Hoskin gives an update on progress so far. 

It is now two years almost to the day since The Arts Development Company left Dorset County Council to be a community interest company. We wrote about it at the time in AP, when we had just won the Chief Executive’s award for Inspiration, Innovation and Inclusion. So have we inspired, innovated and become more inclusive since we spun out of the council as an independent arts development service?

Funding support

First off, we still have lots of support from Dorset County Council. We have a four-year contract to deliver the service and that allows us to cover most of our core staff costs, while we get on with the innovating and inspiring. We were also fortunate in securing an early win with investment from Arts Council England’s (ACE) Creative Local Growth Fund, matched by European Regional Development Funding. So we are now delivering a support programme for small and medium-sized enterprises with partners in a local enterprise partnership.

In many ways our relationship with the local authority has become stronger and more productive as what we do and how we do it has become clearer

Lots of innovation brownie points there, which helped to make our local council representatives confident they had made the right decision.

A new model

Looking back at the challenges, risks, debates and discussions we have had as a team over the past two years, I feel a great sense of privilege. How often do we get the chance to re-examine what we do for a living, take it all apart and then build a new model using all our expertise, commitment and passion to innovate and inspire?

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Written by Irene
Published on 14th July 2017