Advice available for Artists in Weymouth & Portland

To help local artists and arts organisations to develop good projects and submit quality applications to the Arts Council's Grants for the Arts funding scheme, the council is offering free access to specialist advice.

Local artists and organisations (or anyone planning a cultural event or festival) can request two hours of specialist advice from a local arts consultant to help develop their project to a stage where it could seek external funding. Following on from this, those seeking assistance can also be given one hour of specialist fund-raising advice to help complete a funding application to the Arts Council.

The first step is to know what Grants For The Arts programme is - there's infiormation and a great video explaining all you need:

 Once you know the basics, submit an expression of interest and a specialist will get in touch and discuss your project. Top Tip - they will expect you to have visited the vArts Council England website (click on the link above) and familiarised yourself with Grants For The Arts

Click here for the details about how to submit your request:

Written by Irene
Published on 19th November 2015