Activate Successfully Achieves Funding Award from Arts Council England as part of the National Portfolio Programme

Activate is delighted to be offered a funding investment from Arts Council England to be part of the National Portfolio between 2018 and 2020.  Recognised for the extensive work we undertake producing, promoting and presenting performing arts, we have been successful in securing an offer that invests in our distinctive programme for Dorset.


Activate has ambitious plans for 2018-2022 with its local, regional and international partners.  We will be strengthening longer term relationships with artists in our flagship festival, Inside Out Dorset and our annual programme of outreach, performance and artist support.  Engaging the broadest, most diverse audiences and inspiring the whole community to make and be part of high quality arts is a key priority and brining extraordinary events in extraordinary places through Inside Out Dorset.

With two biennial festivals taking place during this next funding round, the offer from Arts Council is higher than the previous settlement – due to the fact that last time our agreement included just one festival during the period.  Like all organisations that Arts Council invest in, we will now be working hard to raise the match funding to realise our ambitions.


Executive Director, Kate Wood said: ‘The Activate team and Board have worked very hard over 25 years in Dorset.  We are very pleased the Arts Council recognises this work.  Activate Chair Michael Noonan says: ‘Our programmes reach thousands of people each year and we our proud of the hard work that has gone into preparing the plans for the future and for these to be endorsed by the Arts Council in this way.’

Written by Irene
Published on 27th June 2017