A Typical Day with Activate's Theatre Producer, Wendy Petitdemange

There’s no such thing as an average day or typical day – and that’s one of the things I love about being a theatre producer for Activate. A day can be spent in the office huddled over the computer writing funding applications - and it’s great when they have a positive result. I’ve just got funding to run a Cultural Hub project with three schools in Poole and artists Joli Vyann around their new piece’ Stateless’ at Pavilion Dance South West. A day can also be out and about meeting artists, attending events, visiting schools and organisations.

As I write this, I’m sitting at the lovely Marine Theatre  having had a meeting with Tim Bell, one of the artistic directors. One gazillionaire shortbread later and I’m on a real sugar high…. It can be challenging (not getting funding, not getting work programmed) rewarding (seeing artists’ work coming to fruition, successful Grants for the Arts for artists, an idea growing into a full scale project) frustrating, inspiring, exciting - it is rarely, if ever, dull!

I am also extremely fortunate to work with a fantastically dedicated team and often bounce ideas around with them, share work on collaborative projects and glean much from their experience and knowledge in specialist areas. I am a complete theatre addict and try to see as much as I can both locally and nationally – again no such thing as a typical day or week but as an example, over the last week I’ve seen: a wonderfully clever, interactive performance at Salisbury Playhouse ‘Mountaineering’ by None Zero One.  ‘Rebecca’ by Kneehigh at Bath Theatre Royal which was just sublime – superb actor musicianship and a great adaptation of a dark tale. A really committed group of young people from Dorchester Youth Theatre performing a devised piece ‘In Tension’ at the Corn Exchange which had great moments of humour and energy.  I was also able to see a special adult showing of the amazing ‘Laboratory of Outstanding Stuff’ at Prince of Wales School, a truly beautiful installation and performance piece from Gobbledegook Theatre. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow….

I look forward to producing, promoting ,presenting and partaking in more great work with the fantastic artists we have in our region and beyond.

Written by Irene
Published on 25th March 2015