A Short Walk in the Chilterns

A Short Walk through the Chilterns

April 2018


‘Mist-walking makes you think more.

Is there a landscape? Is it all imagination?

Who defines it?

Ten sentences, fifteen perspectives.

Notes for the future, notes for the now?’


By Adam Stout, artist and participant


One rather misty weekend in April saw the coming together of creative minds, for the final creative Lab as part of the Wayfaring national outdoor arts project. Wayfaring is inspired by and connected to the landscapes of the Icknield Way and is the creative vision of lead artists And Now:*

A handful of thinkers, makers, writers, crafters and landscape guardians were invited to take part in the experience, called A Short Walk in the Chilterns, with the intension of stimulating discussion around some key themes of Wayfaring and in particular our relationship with our ever evolving landscape.

Gathering on Day 1, the collective were led on a facilitated walk through Whipsnade and Dunstable, which was dotted with interventions, provocations and welcome moments for tea. As the dark descended the day came to a close with a short performative installation in the atmospheric Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, teasing the delegates with a sample of And Now:s’ work and demonstrating some of the pivotal points discussed during the day. Day 2 allowed further time for reflection, food and meaningful conversation around the previous days’ activities (plus more mist...)

Click HERE to see a short film, created by Harley Oliff, to give you a feel for this unique experience: 

The live Wayfaring events begin now, with the first taking place in Norfolk from Monday 21st – Saturday 26th May 2018. Click HERE for further information.

With special thanks to And Now:, Dell Farm, Chilterns AONB, National Trust Dunstable Downs, the Trustees of Whipsnade Tree Cathedral and all the wonderful delegates.

*And Now: is made up of artists Mandy Dike and Ben Rigby who, together, conceive, design and create visual performance, image and installations; working with people, ideas, fire, fireworks, structure, sound and light. Their work is unexpected, accessible, entertaining and public.

Wayfaring is part of the Life Cycles and Landscapes project.

Produced by Activate Performing Arts.

Co-commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Corn Exchange Newbury & 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and Oerol Festival. Supported by the National Association of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and with public funding from Arts Council England.

Written by SammyG
Published on 18th May 2018