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  • 18 September 2021
  • Poole Lower High Street and Quay

A poetic, surprising and inspiring hitch hike on a journey from small acorns to the great oak tree. What if there is a fella whose job it is to dig those tiny holes that seeds set root in, who charges himself with watering, composting and protecting. A fella with a pottering shed —on wheels—always elbow deep in much and always playing a tune for his charges. Well there is, and his name is Wilford.

SEED is an intimate and explosive show, full of captivating images, live and specially composed music. It is a day in the life of Wilford as he struggles against the odds and ends up sat relieved and, having been helped by festivalgoers to make it through the day, in a mature apple tree that sprouts out of his shed.


Performer & co-creator: Pete Gunson

Director & co-creator: Eleanor Hooper

Music & co-creator: Jack Stoddart (Ramshacklicious)

Movement direction: Fran Widdowson

Design & make: Pete Gunson, Eleanor Hooper, Annie Nelson, Stuart Gunson, Johnny Eastleigh & Chris Woodward



SEED is supported by: Arts Council EnglandLighthouse Poole, DCMS, Festival Coast Live!, SoundStorm


The terrain of this performance is hard-standing, pavement with dropped curbs. Audience will be seated on floor and benches, with standing area behind.

Further access information can be found through the ‘Plan your visit’ link below.

Plan Your Visit

With the current climate crisis, we try to work in a greener way and understand that we all need to be part of the solution in protecting our planet. We encourage you to consider how you get to the festival and adapt to ‘greener’ ways if possible. Follow this link to plan your visit to Inside Out Dorset.

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