Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company

We are Stuff and Nonsense; a rapidly expanding Dorset-based theatre company that loves to make energetic, thought provoking and downright mischievous theatre productions for younger children and their parents. We sprang into life on January 1st 2000 when Marc Parrett finally gave up his day job and set off around the UK with his quirky puppet-based shows. Children and grown-ups alike flocked to see Dusty the Vacuum Cleaner Boy, Dragon’s Teeth and Greenfingers, all of which featured Mr Parrett and a host of uber talented puppeteers, performers and musicians.
Niki McCretton joined forces with Marc in 2008 bringing with her an incomparable array of theatre making experience including award-winning national and international tours with Heretic, Throw me a bone, Wormhole, Relative, Space 50, Muttnik, Hoof and Horseplay, plus important work with nursery aged children and 5x5x5 = creativity.
In a whirlwind decade we’ve produced and toured Across the Deep Blue Sea, two versions of 3 Little Pigs, a small version of The Little Red Hen, a larger version of The Little Red Hen, The Enormous Turnip and most recently The Elves and the Shoemaker! Even more productions are in the pipeline so keep checking this site to see what’s coming soon!
In September 2010 Stuff and Nonsense scraped together every penny they could find and bought a derelict theatre in Bridport, Dorset. The (old) Lyric came complete with exuberant flock wallpaper, snug little office, ballet studio (now the puppet workshop) and pigeon sanctuary in the rafters (ew!) With a bit of luck and a lot of help from a long list of eager volunteers the Lyric Theatre should be open for business Summer 2011 with a season of shows, events and who knows what!

Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company like to make theatre out of anything! Musical instruments, old tools, bits of shiny paper- we mix it all up with a big splodge of imagination, cook it for two months and hey presto, we get a show!