Patchwork Theatre Company

Patchwork was founded in 2009 with their debut production of Jim Cartwright's 'Two'. Since graduating the company have devised 'The Journey of a Fool' based on Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and are currently touring their production of N.F. Simpson's 'A Resounding Tinkle.'
Patchwork believe in making theatre accessible to anyone and everyone. They are inspired by the different strengths and experiences of the company members and believe it is their differences as performers that together create the Patchwork Magic!
Patchwork are influenced by theatre of the absurd, classical texts, Jacques LeCoq and the stories of their own lives.

Patchwork Theatre are a graduate small scale touring company. We believe theatre is for anyone and everyone and create character based work with influences from absurdism, physical theatre and classical text.