Michelle Barter

I work both on and off stage and love both sides equally. I trained in Constitution Hill Road college for a Diploma In Drama and then headed into the big bad world of entertianment from there. It's landed me in some interesting jobs in my time so far. I have stage managed the venues in Butlins Bognor Regis, and also learnt to stilt walk there too. I have chased Dennis the Mence around Chessingtom World of Adventures, I've enjoyed a stint in Londons west end Apollo theatre Shaftsbury Av. I've scared thousands of people at the London Dungeons and also helped the technical team there too. I've even run away to the circus and lived with different cultures, horses, chickens, dogs and kids, all out in the Cotswolds living in the great outdoors (I loved my show wagon and missed it when I had to move back into bricks!)
I currently tour around the UK (I think this is my 5th time round it!) with Bob the builder hoping that he'll be able to fix it. I'm helper to Wendy on the show and it keeps you very fit. I enjoy the aspect of making dreams come true in theatre, be it good or bad dreams, the idea that you can create anything you desire out of wood, paint and the art of gaffa tape insires me and even after all these years you still have something new to learn.

I have worked in the field of entertainments for the last 12 years both on and off stage.