Jon Nicholas Actor Director Facilitator

Studied Psychology at The University of Glamorgan, and then Theatre at The Webber Douglas Academy in London.
In 1995 joined Geese Theatre UK who provide interactive creative behavioural change work for agencies that work in all aspects of the criminal justice system. Following on from this developed a career as a facilitator(post conflict areas), and worked with many groups and individuals exploring issues around personal and group conflict, and violence. Been engaged as a freelance facilitator and director to design and deliver conflict management work and community theatre for a multitude of NGOs and community development organisations most notably; Save The Children (Aceh Sumatra), Search for Common Ground (Macedonia and Indonesia), Wolf and Water Arts Company in Devon, the Centre For Conflict Management in Oslo, The Nansen Dialogue Network in Norway and The former Yugoslavia and The Danish refugee Council (Georgia, Armenia and North Ossetia.) The Centre for Peace Building and Community Development, (community projects and trainings in Ukraine, Ingushetia, Azerbaijan and North Ossetia.) Senior programme worker Youth and Communities part of the team at the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace 2008-2010 (Still a key Consultant for them.)
Interested in devising high quality issue based Theatre with single and mixed identity groups.
As and when possible I still perform for stage and screen and genuinely feel this enhances my group and directing work.

Trained at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Works as a Performer and deliverer of interactive Conflict Management Workshops, for a variety of groups. Been involved in Psycho Social Work in areas affected by conflict across the world, and in divided communities in the UK.