Fitnessfusionuk was developed by Neil Solmon a UK/International fitness dance presenter and personal trainer. His Passion and creativity combining the art of dance and fitness has seen him travel the UK delivering bespoke dance and fitness sessions to the general public and fitness instructors as well as teaching at fitness conventions across Europe. Neil is also a master trainer, educator and presenter for flexi-sports uk. Neil is renowned for combining his unique personality-- cheeky, motivational, uplifting and entertaining sessions.
Neils passion for dance, music, entertainment and fitness inspired him to combine his passion and create a new concept to allow everyone the opportuinity of trying new fitness concepts and experiencing different styles and types of dance. Neil has formed a team of fitness and dance presenters with experience, creativity and flair to bring you a unique event that is fitnessfusionuk.

Fitnessfusionuk is an event that combines freestyle fitness dance classes, body conditioning, mind and body, studio cycling and all types and styles of dance. Available to all levels and abilities fitnessfusionuk gives you an opportunity of trying new fitness concepts and experiencing different dance disciplines in a fun, atmospeheric and relaxed environment. Events held at DW Sports, Branksome, Poole.