Wildwriting! Dorset

Wildwriting! Dorset encourages nature connection and creativity for inspiration, general wellbeing, and to open up possibility to new ideas by connecting to the natural world outdoors.

How to get involved

WildWriting! is a series of short, fun and accessible 10-20 minute activities for all ages and abilities, especially older people and anyone feeling isolated inside their homes. You can download to your device or print off WildWriting! activities as pdfs available below, plus watch the videos and listen to audio clips. All you need is access to a window, garden, or outdoor space, and a pen and paper. There are six workshops, released here weekly.

We'd love to see how creative you get so please send us your writing if you'd like to share it with artist Sarah Acton.

This project is commissioned by Activate and run in partnership with Stepping into Nature.

The artist

Sarah is a landscape writer, poet, and creative facilitator who works with individuals and organisations across Dorset as Black Ven Poetry. Sarah frequently works with the Jurassic Coast Trust, Dorset AONB, Stepping into Nature, Alzheimer’s Memory Cafes, schools, museums and libraries to lead and develop social engagement and community projects connecting creativity and nature through poetry and writing/creative practice.

Get outdoors

Workshop 1: Plants Insects, and Flowers

Listen to the audio clip for workshop 1: Plants, Insects and Flowers

Download the written PDF for workshop 1: Plants, Insects and Flowers 

Workshop 2: Trees

Listen to the audio clip for workshop 2: Trees

Download the written PDF for workshop 2: Trees

Workshop 3: Birds

Listen to the audio clip for workshop 3: Birds

Download the written PDF for workshop 3: Birds

Workshop 4: Weather

Listen to the audio clip for workshop 4: Weather

Download the written PDF for workshop 4: Weather

If you've taken part in one of the workshops, either by watching the video, listening to the audio or downloading the pdf, please take a few moments to complete our short survey.