Artistic Policy

Activate's Artistic Policy

We work with artists who:

  • Work in dance, theatre and/or outdoor arts and all the extraordinary ways they are presented.
  • Want to make work that is contemporary in its practice.
  • Reflect our diverse communities locally and across the UK.
  • Understand that performance cannot happen without an audience.
  • Value the relationship between the audience and the art.
  • Want to challenge and interrogate with their work, for themselves and their audiences.
  • Want to delight, welcome and inspire their audience.
  • Are interested in socially engaged practice.
  • Are passionate about what they have to communicate and how they do this with an audience.
  • Are interested in participatory work to share their practice with communities.

Please note this list is a guide; we don’t expect artists we work with to meet all of these criteria.

We will:

  • Work with colleagues and partners to realise artistic projects that benefit audiences.
  • Ensure our work reaches children and young people, diverse communities, older people and the audiences across our communities who we want to engage with further
  • Base ourselves in Dorset to benefit our local community
  • Work locally, nationally and internationally to fulfil our vision in producing, promoting and developing the highest standards of work for audiences and artists
  • Encourage artists to try something new, to develop their practice and to help others to develop their potential.