A Journey of a Home (online)

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Monday 11th January - Sunday 17th January 2021.
This audio piece is no longer available. To find out more about the company who created it, please visit the Two Destination Language website.
In these uncertain times, where our travel is limited, where we question our sense of home, and with the curtain closing on our relationship with Europe, we invite you to take a journey.

With themes of identity, border crossing and migration at its heart, in this audio piece from Two Destination Language you will discover where hope meets reality, you’ll look towards the future and back at what we have just left.

Discover the story of a young woman's first travel to the UK, following her steps from Sofia airport in Bulgaria. In gently questioning what home is, the piece reflects on all things that make our home – family, friends, the environment and our possessions – the physical things which support, reinforce and bind our identity.


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Presented by Activate to mark this significant moment in our history. We have programmed this so the experience is free for you.

The piece was originally made in 2012 and commissioned by Chester Performs (now Storyhouse) with hÅb Manchester, A Journey of a Home was a one on one guided audio performance walk designed especially for each location and presenting partner.

Illustrations by Katherina Radeva.