The Collective Memory Archive

The Collective Memory Archive is an investigation into the shared history of Sherborne, Dorset. The project will gather memories from residents across time and place.

How to get involved

A booklet will be produced with walking tours that residents can follow, along the sites of other people’s memories. By encountering these memories residents will create connections with each other, bringing the community together.

If you live in Sherborne and would like to contribute to the memory archive, please complete this survey.

Experience the walks

Download a landscape map - ideal for printing

Download a portrait map - ideal for using on your mobile


The artist

Izzie Jobbins photograph_smaller.jpg

Izzie Jobbins is an artist based in Sherborne, Dorset. Her work explores humour and memories and how these establish communication. Recent work used family anecdotes as inspiration to create irrational and ridiculous papier-mâché objects. Her use of replication warps the models from their original form becoming caricatures of each other. Rituals underpin her work creating a specific narrative. Her use of humour forges connections; creating a memory, a shared history, and a moment with whoever encounters the work.

Izzie Jobbins recently graduated with a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.