The Quaranteens

BACStage Youth Theatre ZOOM into action, exploring the lockdown experience for the rural teen.

How to get involved

This project is for members of BACStage Youth Theatre, based at Bridport Arts Centre. They will be dreaming up dynamic characters who will help them explore their views on the world as it is and the world as it could be! Led by facilitator Bryony Moores O’Sullivan they will find new ways to create, connect and perform in a virtual theatre space.

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The artist

BACStage is a highly dynamic and experimental youth theatre group which has coached and nourished many generations of Birdport’s young performers. It is a space for them to express and test themselves and their theatrical abilities, building work both scripted and improvised. BACStage was run by Niki McCretton, director of Stuff and Nonsense theatre company and owner of the Lyric theatre. Niki has, after 13 years, handed the position of teacher and facilitator over to Bryony Moores O’Sullivan a recent Puppetry graduate and alumnus of BACStage. Bryony has re-established the group during lockdown and is exploring the world of theatre through Zoom.