Sense of Unity

Sense of Unity

Worldbeaters and Dundu - a new Outdoor Performance

Remember the ear and eye-popping spectacle of Worldbeaters (the troupe of high-energy LED-lit percussionists) in Harbourside Park, Poole? They finished off the day's festival entertainment in spectacular fashion as the closing performance of Up In The Air, the all-day circus event which formed part of 2016 Inside Out Dorset Festival.

The feedback we received from the public about their performance was so overwhelmingly positive, we just knew that we needed to work with them again, with a view to bringing them back to Dorset in the future.

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This association is made possible because of Activate's role in Coasters (An Arts Council England, nationwide, strategic touring-fund project) Activate are partners along with other organisations who deliver projects in seaside towns with the aim of developing the arts in these coastal areas and, in turn, improving well-being and boosting the local economy.

The project has enabled Activate to partner with 101 Creation Space in Newbury allowing Worldbeaters to create an all-new night-time spectacle. We have introduced outdoor arts specialists, Dundu from Germany to work in partnership with Worldbeaters. Their association and resulting premiere will feature Dundu's large scale, illuminated puppets. We are excited about the possibilities of their collaboration.

The gentle giants, Dundu (and a baby Dundu!) will brighten Newbury's town centre in a premiere night-time outdoor performance on Friday 30th June. The performance will subsequently tour the UK and you can see them at Greenwich and Docklands Festival (GDIF) as well as in Newbury before they make their way to Dorset for a date that we still have under wraps.

To be the first to see this wonderful event, we do recommend making the journey to Newbury and as dusk falls, follow the band as they parade through the streets and discover both baby Dundu and the gentle giant Dundu. Will they find each other? Will they get on? Discover details of the free event here.

Enjoy the convergence of different musical worlds  - Dundu features West African Kora combining with the world percussion rhythms of Worldbeaters. Both companies have strong international reputations and have enthralled and entertained spectators all over the world. 

Here's a taster of what you might see. This was the improvised first collaboration between the German DUNDU Ensemble and the British Worldbeaters at the first edition of Illuminate in Oldham. Click to view video

Dundu and Worldbeaters collaboration is commissioned by Coasters, produced by Activate Performing Arts and developed at a residency at Newbury Corn Exchange's 101 Outdoor Creation Space.

Supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund, Coasters is a three year project that brings world-class circus and street arts work to coastal towns across England.


Written by Irene
Published on 26th April 2017