Activate's Youth Board - Who's who?

Activate's Youth Board, otherwise known as AYB (who doesn't love an acronym!?) was launched in June 2016 and is a collective of young people, aged 16-25, who meet once a month to advise the organisation on its programme of work. AYB is currently formed of 7 young people, all of whom are passionate, driven and full of energy for the arts. Each one brings something different to every meeting and is always generous in sharing their thoughts, experiences and time. 

Introducing AYB:

Rachel Dunford - 

Rachel D.png

Rachel, 24, currently works part time at Artsreach, Bridport Arts Centre and The Arts Development Company (a tripple threat!). She is also a freelance photographer in her spare time, check out some of Rachel's beautiful work here. Rachel started as an intern at The Arts Development Company and a year and a half later finds herself immersed in lots of creative projects. 

Likes: photography, live performances, swimming, cooking, warm weather and living in the countryside 

Dislikes: rude people, spicy food, missing out on things and the wind (as in the weather!) 

"When I am interested in a topic or project I become very passionate about it and strive to achieve the best outcome for it. What keeps me motivated is friends, family and working in the arts." 

Zoe Cochrane -

Zoe C.png

Zoe, 17, is currently attending The Thomas Hardye School sixth form, studying Performing arts, Theatre studies, Dance and Art. Zoe is an aspiring professional contemporary dancer and crams her week full of classes, training in many styl

es. Zoe particularly enjoys choreography and performing live, plus theatre, visual arts, painting and learning circus skills and acrobatics (phew!)

Likes: Dancing and being creative

Dislikes: Being late and being too ill to dance!

Roni Neale -

Roni N.png

Roni is a young actor, stage manager & technician, who is currently working in London and Dorset. Having just finished as an assistant stage manager on the National Youth Theatre’s 'DNA', She will be spending the next 6 months working on NYT's REP season, also as an ASM. On her return to Dorset, Roni will be working at the Thomas Hardye School, and with Weymouth College as part of this years’ LEAP project; through this, Roni is also part of Have a Giggle theatre company, who will be making their debut performance in June.

Imogen Gray -

Imogen G.png

Coming soon...

Eleanor Watson -

Eleanor W.png

Eleanor, 23, graduated from Arts University Bournemouth in 2016. Since then she has worked as stage crew, technician, set designer, wardrobe assistant, dresser and volunteered for local events and live performances. A true all rounder who loves to get involved in anything creative and exciting.

Likes: Living in Dorset, live shows, rugby, cricket, a pint of cider on a warm day

Dislikes: Biting insects, stormy weather  

Freya Garner -

Freya G_0.png

Coming soon...


Find out more about AYB here.

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Written by SammyG
Published on 19th June 2017